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Things You Should Know To Achieve Success with Your Business

Uncovering Your Deepest Darkest Fears

You’ll no doubt be aware that 99% of aspiring marketers are struggling to get any results from their actions and the vast majority will never make any money from online marketing.

These lack of results are for multiple reasons but one major fundamental issue nearly all aspiring marketers share is that they lack any deep understanding of their target audience and niche having only done the most basic of research (such as looking at keyword competition, compiling a list of websites in their niche, examining what other sites are writing about, and looking at the most popular products on Amazon for example).

Sure, all this fundamental research is fine however, its super basic and literally, everyone and anyone can and does do this type of research so you are not uncovering anything about your target audience that the rest of your competition does not know too.

Moreover, knowing this basic information does not help you effectively market to your target audience which means you make little to no money in your business.

Here’s the thing, you need to uncover your audiences deepest darkest fears from deep inside the crevices of their mind if you want people to throw money at you hand over first.

How to Steal Your Competition’s Secrets

How to easily find all the best competitors in your niche.

This is essential so you can find out…

  • Who you can network with.
  • Where to get traffic from.
  • To get inspiration from (for content ideas, products, etc.)
  • Which content is popular to emulate it?
  • To reverse engineer your competition (and steal their secrets).
  • How to avoid saying and doing the exact same things they do, (the key to domination is to stand out).

Niche Research is Boring and Stupid; But

I am going to be blunt with you….

Niche research is boring and it is stupid.

We both know this.

We do not enjoy doing it, true?

Nope, not even me…

Seriously, I’ve got better things to be doing and I know you do too.

However, without proper niche research, you won’t pick the right profitable niches.

In addition, if you pick the wrong niches that means you won’t profit from them.

Ultimately that means continuing to struggle to make ends meet at a job you have to drag yourself out of bed to go to every day…

…working 50+ hours a week at somewhere, you don’t want to be.

Just so, you can make enough to survive and cover the basics. Forget about vacations or treating your family.

I know that’s now what you want.

I know there’s no way I could go back to that life, I hated the daily grind, and I honestly believe that everyone should have the freedom to choose how their day-to-day life is lived

If you want to stay in bed until 11 am some days you should be able to, not having to force yourself up early doors especially on cold dark mornings.

If you want to stay at home and have time with your family then you should have that option not having to spend all day at the office doing mind-numbing work you couldn’t care less about.

If you want to take a few days to break somewhere then it should be possible without worrying about getting time off work and how you’ll afford it.

Sadly, most people don’t have that option and it’s about time we changed that.

It’s time to pick profitable niches and make money from them.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to all this stupidly boring niche research.

Just pick a niche, start now the research, for you, for your future.

Inaction Leads to One Thing: Staying Trapped

I occasionally hear from users before finally taking the plunge to join to some course that I recommend and 99% of the time, they can’t believe they waited so long and are glad they finally took action.

They literally kick themselves for their delayed action as even though they really want to join and know it’ll be beneficial they procrastinate on every offer I make until it’s too late, say “next time” and put it off till “tomorrow” which of course never comes, it’s just a means of avoiding responsibility and taking action.

Moreover, inaction can only lead to one thing; staying trapped in the exact same painful, stressful, and or less than happy situation you find yourself in now.

In addition, if you’re saying…

“I’m not trapped in any sort of unhappy situation” then I find that hard to believe because people who don’t have any pain, discomfort, unhappiness or worries in their life rarely go hunting on the internet for “how to make money online”.

Think about it; both you and I searched out online marketing because we were/are dissatisfied with life and wanted to find an escape from the daily grind and challenges of life.

In addition, to experience more time, freedom, money, and happiness among other things.

Or at least it’s true for me and most of the tribe members I speak to anyway. Does it ring true for you?

And here’s the “secret” in my opinion…

I believe a commitment to ONE system/course/plan is the key to online marketing success as this keeps you focused and holds you accountable to working through the training material, most people are jumping around from shiny object to shiny object too easily or have no skin in the game.

And what’s worse; we’re also reaching the middle stages of the year so it’s time to take fast action and end this year on a high rather than with the usual broken promises to yourself and unfulfilled dreams that will occur if you do nothing.

So if you’re ready for action ASAP and getting one-step closer to freedom then commit to something today…

Understanding the Strategic Objective of Your Business

A common problem new marketers face (and even sometimes those who have been successfully marketing for a while) is that they lack any clear strategy for their business.

This is simply because they have no clear idea of what the purpose of each part of their business is or what it’s supposed to achieve.

Therefore, this post is designed to give you a “birds-eye” overview of what each section of your business from website to traffic to an email list to social groups and beyond is designed to do.

Why? Therefore, you can effectively manage each section and see that it’s performing correctly and pushing all your visitors in the right direction with the aim of them becoming paying customers through offering them the solutions to their problems.

Remember, that is your core goal as a business; to solve your audience’s problems and make money in the process.

It’s a simple exchange of value, people have problems they need to be solved and they are willing to spend money on solutions that make their lives easier / happier / better / faster / less stressful (etc. etc. etc.) so if you can offer these solutions they will exchange that solution for their money.

Keep this in mind at all times when deciding what actions to take in your business.

How to Build a Passive Subscription Income

What’s the holy grail of income? Of course…

It’s subscription-based income that’s generated on autopilot without on-going work on your part every month.

You’ve no doubt realized; if you have a recurring subscription aspect with your online website then you aren’t required to endlessly hustle for sales day in day out.

Nor are you reliant on generating one-off affiliate sales every month and praying the Google Gods don’t destroy your rankings, cutting out your traffic, and eliminating your sales in an instant.

Here’s why…

Recurring subscription income gives you the stability of earnings and a fixed income every month to grow from. Customers that joined your subscription plan in previous months (or even years) keep sending you payments on autopilot every month without you chasing them.

Seriously, subscriptions account for around 90% of my income and I’m not hustling every month to generate those sales…it’s automated and it’s the lifeline of my business.

Emotional Wrecks

You’re an emotional wreck.

Seriously, we all are, and here’s why…

Endless Psychological studies have proved that we make decisions based on emotion then use logic to justify our emotional decisions.

So you must appeal to your prospect’s emotions (and justify with logic) if you want them to buy what you’re selling.

You can’t simply list facts, features, and specifications or even just benefits if you want to sell something.

You need to tap into the emotion(s) your prospect is feeling.

In this lesson you’ll learn; the different emotions you can use, examples of them being used in real promotions, and learn how to use them effectively in your own marketing to drive action from your reader.

Let’s explore the different emotions humans experience and how to use them in your marketing to drive more action, solve more problems, and make more money.

How to Eavesdrop On Your Audience

Let’s delve into the process for uncovering your audience’s deepest darkest secrets, fears, hopes, dreams and desires…

…so that we can use it to ethically help them solve their problems, which will make them happy to hand over their cash to you (everyone loves getting their problems solved).

It’s simply a case of going to the social hubs, and forums where your audience hangs out and “eavesdrop” on people’s conversations (when people are speaking on their own free will rather than being asked a question or studied you’ll get the best answers).

Then studying their posts (the long angry rants and argument threads are usually the best) to discover the emotions they feel daily, the beliefs they hold, the pains and problems they are exposed to daily, the pleasure they’d like to experience instead, and the status levels they aspire to.

Do the gurus have insider secrets?

“Do you think the gurus have secrets they aren’t sharing with you?” I can imagine your answer as many have thought…

“YES, of course, they do if they shared them they would be out of business”


“YES, that’s why they are successful because they know the insider secrets”

Most people seem to genuinely believe that the key to online marketing success is knowing “secrets”.

And I can sort-of understand why you would think that.

However, I’m here to break this news to you…

I have no idea if there are any real “secrets” in online marketing and doubt there are.

I certainly have never stumbled across or been told any secrets from the “gurus” (not that I know any gurus personally anyway).

So maybe I’m just not part of the “old boys” club and that’s why I don’t know the secrets, right?

Well, the good news is without knowing any secrets I’ve still been successful with online business and live a financially comfortable life.

Seriously, here’s everything that’s worked for me…

Using common sense, putting in hard work, and learning fundamental marketing strategies.

As opposed to focusing on fads, tactics, shiny objects, loopholes, and gimmicks, which is sadly what a lot of marketers teach.

Any “secrets” (i.e. knowledge) you do discover simply comes from experience and learning and testing.

So genuinely, I don’t believe in “guru secrets” and think if you cling to that notion, you’ll forever stay trapped and looking for secrets that don’t exist.

Cast aside this bullsh*t myth about secrets and get down to work instead.

I share all my marketing “secrets” (stuff I’ve learned through trial and error) on this blog, I hope they are useful in the course of your learning.



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