The Problem of Many Entrepreneurs Websites

I would like to share this analogy with you, hoping that you understand my approach.

The Shiny New Gas Station Without Any Gas

It looks like you forgot to stock up on gas…

Think about it, the internet is just like a gas station on a busy highway.

It’s a highway (traffic source) to bring customers to your gas (your product).

My point…

The gas station doesn’t “make money from the highway”.

The highway simply brings customers past the gas station.

And those customers have a problem that the gas station solves.

In that, they have an empty fuel tank and need to fill it up or they can’t get to their destination.

Does this seem obvious to you?

Then tell me this…

Why is it that most struggling internet marketers don’t grasp this concept online?

Because If you’re spending all your time building a shiny new gas station (your website) but your gas station is in any area where there’s no cars and no one needs gas….

…then you’re completely wasting your time building the gas station as no one is ever going to visit.

Which brings me to my point…

Simply creating a website, writing some content, and adding some affiliate links pointing to random products is like building a shiny new gas station.

But if your website doesn’t solve any major problem your visitor experiences on a daily basis that makes their life difficult or painful then they aren’t going to spend any money with you as people buy products which solve their problems and /or make their lives easier.

Just like the gas station on the highway wouldn’t make any money selling gas if everyone had full gas tanks or there were no cars.

And don’t be a pedantic f*cker and say “but gas stations sell other stuff too” as you get the point I’m trying to make.

To hammer this point home one final time…

Anyone can set up a shiny gas station (or in your case a website).

But that alone doesn’t make money.

Existing and being open isn’t enough.

You need to be offering products that solve your audience’s problems if you want to make money from your website.

Marketing is simply about finding people with problems and offering them solutions in the form of a product.

And not just about putting up a website with content and affiliate links and hoping someone gives you some of their hard-earned cash.

As people don’t actually buy products they buy the END RESULT that they believe the product will give them (in the case of the gas it will take them to their end destination).

There’s just one thing left to do…

Learn how to pump your bank balance full of cash by solving problems.

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