Is Creating Affiliate Income Possible?

Do you have multiple streams of income?

It’s the holy grail of internet marketing. You own a few web sites selling a few different products. Once you’ve got them set up, each is supposed to make you money.

And the key is, they are supposed to run on autopilot. So you only spend a little time running each one.

Well, the idea is great. But implementing it is a lot harder. Do you know what seems to be the hardest? Actually making money without spending 100 hours a day.

There are so many things to do:

  • Find a profitable affiliate product or create a product
  • Create the web site
  • Find a web host
  • Write all the sales copy
  • Create and build an email list
  • Write an autoresponder series or newsletter
  • Get testimonials (HOW – when you haven’t sold anything?)
  • Handle refunds and chargebacks
  • Answer emails from prospects
  • Market your site

The list goes on and on. Are people really doing all this in minutes a day while they golf, lounge, and play with their kids?

Well, I suppose a few are. But many of us are hard at work building for the future.

I know I’m working really hard at this. But then again, it’s my full-time job. And I really enjoy it.

**** This Makes It Easy ****

I want to tell you about a way to add an income stream that eliminates everything on that list but one. Seriously.

Look at that list again and imagine someone else doing everything on that list for you, delegating tasks, this is the way to grow, to scale, to focus on key business issues.

Maybe you’ve seen it. Maybe you did a little shopping in some of them. If you are on the lookout for multiple streams of income, you should look at Website blogs or Online Stores.

Website Blogs are great, but it also requires having effective strategies so that you do not become a slave to your own businesses.


I want to give you some tips on what works and what doesn’t when you are promoting affiliate programs.

I learned this stuff from books I’ve read, seminars I’ve attended, “Gurus” , and most of all because I’ve tested it.

I’ll be blunt. For the most part, gimmick traffic doesn’t generate results.

I’ve tried this gimmick traffic. It was a waste of time.

You can spend hours submitting to free classified ad sites, adding your link to directory pages, and signing up for “Guaranteed Hits” programs.

And worst of all, buying so-called “Qualified, opt-in” email names when they come on a CD or cost any amount of money for 5 million names.

I haven’t heard anyone say these tactics work except the people promoting them. The problem is the quality is just too low.

At the end of the day, very few of us really share the “secrets” to make money, many of these tricks surely worked with great success for the one who came up with it, but once they were no longer so profitable, that’s when they expose them and they sell on ebooks or very expensive courses.

And there may be thousands of stories of how those tricks arose and were exploited, their problem is that they violate Google’s policies, consequently, Google modifies its algorithm and no longer allows those strategies to be profitable.

It is very tempting and attractive to see these tricks and try to use them to take advantage of them, some very ingenious ones that worked for some years, ranging from creating link farms to directories, article sites, and literally one day to another stopped working.

For those who did not live it, imagine, having a website with tens and thousands of articles, scattered everywhere on the internet that had links pointing to your website, that positioned you for many keywords with a lot of traffic.

Suddenly from one day to the next as if you turned off the light switch, the traffic stopped, your profits automatically went to 0, in the best case you will have some traffic but the minimum profits.

It is as it is currently happening with the pandemic, except that once it passes, we can recover the traffic.

And the question is, ¿was it worth it?, risking so much time and work to have to start over.

Times change and the advice is to avoid any Blackhat trick or strategy, stay away from that if you really want to have a long-term prosperous business.

Low quality = Low sales It’s an immutable law of marketing.

So what does work? Are there free tactics that are effective?

You bet. They take a bit of effort, but they can work wonders. And once your project is done, you can reap traffic for months or even years.

I’ll be talking about several of these in the next few issues.

One of the best ways is to write articles, reports, or videos. The key is to provide value.

The highly effective way is to have a blog. It sounds hard, but there are systemized ways to do this and be extremely effective.

The fact is, techniques like this are what separates internet marketers from SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketers. It’s what can differentiate you from everyone else.

Where is Your Traffic?

If you are an experienced internet marketer, you can skip this one 🙂

If you are a brand newbie or haven’t made any money online yet, this is for you…

One of the most common questions I’ve seen users ask both on blogs and by email I get is something like this:

I’m a newbie to this internet marketing thing.
What do I have to do to get traffic?

Well, there are a few things you should know:

  1. There is no magic system that makes money go to your bank account without any work, period.
  2. You can have money in your bank account once you have learned the business, it will take some time but it will be worth it.
  3. You won’t be successful if you keep buying “programs” and “systems” and “opportunities” without understanding the business first.

If you believe me here, read on. And if not, you can keep looking for the “Magic System“.

(If you find one, please let me know about it. I’ve been doing online marketing since the web started and I haven’t found it yet:)

The point I’m trying to make is that you need to learn the basics first before you spend (and waste) a bunch of money on scams, ineffective techniques, and bogus advertising.

Look at it this way. If you don’t understand the basics, how can you possibly know what you are buying?

If you wonder what you should do next, the first thing is that you should feed enough knowledge about the business and how it operates in your head, so you know what you have to do next.

And if you have to ask, you don’t really know enough to be wisely spending your own money.

Or time.

Now I’m not talking about reading 173 free reports from so-called “gurus” who have never made a dime on the internet and whose reports are nothing but commercials to buy more stuff.

I’m talking about investing in yourself. I’m talking about feeding that incredible creation known as your brain with real, useful knowledge. I’m talking about learning what works and what doesn’t.

From someone who really knows.

Does this make sense to you?

Does it make sense that without the facts you are walking in the dark?

Does it make sense that you want to learn from a really good teacher?

I thought so. Because if you aren’t sure about your teacher, you can’t have faith in what you’re being taught.

Remember the original question?

I’m a newbie to this internet marketing thing.
What do I have to do to get traffic?

My answer is to learn as much as you can about this business from successful people who are good teachers.

Then you will know what to do.

Then you will understand what works and what doesn’t.

Then you won’t waste money on scams and programs that will never work.

I will try to have all the material on this site to make it easy for you, but it is good that you consult on the outside, that you compare, and feed on all the possible knowledge.

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