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How to Use Emails to Connect With Your Customers

Have you ever wondered the reasons why people buy your products?

What parts of the content of your offer motivates them?

Let’s look at it this way, you have worked a long time on making your sales copy.

You have created bonuses, added guarantees, processed everything around the benefits, and how to connect with your customers.

But what are the real reasons how you connected with buyers? What really motivated them to make the purchase?

If you could only know, you could increase the benefits and parts of the content of the offer that really drive sales, but how can you know?

Did I make you think about it too much? it’s not very complicated, just ask them, as easy as that.

I do it almost all the time, and it is practically easy to do, it does not involve much effort to obtain such interesting data. How?

I include in the sequence of emails programmed in the autoresponder an email that is sent after the customer made a purchase.

Here’s an example that says:

Hi {firstname},

It’s {Your Name} here, from {Your Business}.

We need to do some market research.

We would like to know how you found out about {The Product or Business]? Was it a Newsletter? Ad? Search engine? Do you remember who referred you?

Or perhaps you were reading {Publication Title}?

What motivated you to make this investment? Was there a particular benefit that you liked the most and made you buy?

This interests us to improve our product {Product} every time, and this will benefit you in multiple ways and will help you make more money.

Please just reply to this email with the answers.

Thanks so much for your help,

[Your Name]

As you can see every time there is a sale, an email comes out, so all the time I am receiving this feedback that is invaluable for my business, realizing why people bought is more important than why they did not, (of course It would be interesting to know the opposite), especially since there are multiple reasons why people cannot buy and we cannot have control over them.

In this way, knowing the reasons why a purchase was made is really a great benefit for any business, this way you can improve your copy, refine the small details. For example, these are some of the responses I have received:

  • The Results Provide Great Customer Insight

“I have read all the contents, and I liked them a lot especially because I will learn a lot about how to create Websites without technical knowledge, it is really great, I will take advantage of all the material that is provided, thank you very much”

“Customize autoresponder and schedule newsletter sequence”

“Reason: The information is very complete, I can make money quickly, also the products that can be found to market and how to create my site from scratch”

“How to sell ClickBank products”

“I have bought many courses, but the ones I have read here have convinced me that I can create my own online business, I am very excited, I will be watching what follows”

  • What You Can Learn

Let’s get to work, let’s see in this example, what we can learn from it

  • I have a lot of newbies who don’t have a web site of their own. I should continue to highlight this feature.
  • Users like the fact that there is a ton of information that helps them make sales. It means they get multiple chances to sell. Perhaps I should promote this more.
  • Look at the last message. This is evidence of how important follow-up is. This person waited 3 months before she felt comfortable ordering.
  • Any guarantee is very important.

This is only a small sample of what I receive, and to reflect on all the things that can be done, everything how we can react to please customers, how to use the tools as an autoresponder, or the affiliate plans with which work and all that should be reflected in the sales letter.

What can you find out?

In all cases, if you have an email from a customer, request feedback information, who better than them can provide you with the best information to keep them happy.

When is the best time to send this request?

I realized that I had better results once the purchase had been made if you let more time pass, it is like the food, it cools and does not taste the same, I do this once the thank you email has been sent.

It is understood that the reasons that the customer has will be fresh and with emotion that always involves a purchase, and therefore there is very good cooperation on their part to help.

How to reply: I love when you can automate things and I include a button or sometimes with a simple link that will immediately encourage them to respond.

It says so:

“Thank you for helping out with your input. I really appreciate it. I look forward to helping you make more money with this information.”

That’s all you need, remember you should be sure to acknowledge their answers with a reply.

  • Summary

In summary, following up on your ads is vitally important to know where your business is positioned, as the autoresponder messages will let you know how valuable your business is. Implement this technique and give yourself the opportunity to better understand what works best for you, use knowledge to adjust the details, and maximize conversions.

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