How to Start a Blog The Right Way

Before going into all the tools that are required and how we must configure them, we must start with basic aspects, so as not to make certain mistakes that in the long run can harm us and cost very dearly, both in time and in other resources.

First of all, the obligatory question is: Why do we want to create a blog?

If the answer is, to have a hobby, or for something without great importance then skip this guide and go to, Wix or any other platform and start writing and don’t worry about anything, as they would say in my town, as the donkey played the flute.

But if your answer is because I want to have a solid business, create my own brand, write about a topic that I master or somehow find a way to monetize my knowledge, then you are in the right place, read on and here you will learn how to start creating your blog or website on the right foot.

12 things to consider before starting your blog

  1. What is the Objective?

We must start by defining the objective of our Blog, in order to know in some way the resources that we are going to use or need to develop my Blog.

We are going to present the following idea, that we want to write about a topic and that I also want to sell books that I am going to write about.

Or maybe we are going to write but I want to get traffic and monetize my blog with ads.

The idea of considering the objective is to consider everything you are going to need and have it contemplated at least on paper.

Perhaps we will start with a platform such as a Blog, in which a shopping cart can be added later, with a payment gateway, and thus be able to market the products you are developing.

This objective will also serve to set goals for you in the short, medium, and long term, in this way you will be able to measure your efforts and your achievements.

  1. How to choose a good niche

The niche is itself the subject of your blog, this is how it is commonly known.

You probably already have an idea of ​​the topic that your Blog will cover but it also usually happens that the topic is not well defined and it is very important to have it very clear.

What is usually recommended in most cases, whether or not you have a defined topic, is that you identify a problem, find the solution to that problem and develop a theme around this topic, that will be the business.

It is important that this problem is very common among people, so there will be a lot of interest in knowing the solution.

And the logic is very simple, people often look for solutions to their problems on the internet, so if we can identify a very recurring problem and find the solution, we can offer that solution and capture the interest of many people and attract that traffic to our blog.

Let’s take as an example that you are good at repairing smartphones.

This is a very common problem in people, many of them have damaged glass, or are deconfigured, etc. There are many flaws that can occur on a smartphone.

So if you already have a niche, try to identify if there are many people interested in that niche, later in another article, we will see how to know what search volume has a certain keyword with which we can assess the interest of people in a certain topic.

This tool is from Google and is inside Google Ads and is the keyword planning tool.

Try to choose a niche that is not too generic, because if you are alone at the beginning, there will be too much information that you will have to manage.

The most successful sites are those that deal with specific topics and with a lot of interest.

If the niche you chose doesn’t have a great interest in people, you could change your mind and look for another niche, since focusing on something where there isn’t much interest could be a waste of time.

If you are someone who has thought about writing about sex and topics like that, it’s not bad, just keep in mind that you can have a lot of difficulties at the beginning, these topics are better developed when you have more experience since they are topics with a lot of competition full of tricks that due to your inexperience mistakes can be very expensive.

  1. How do you plan to monetize your Blog?

It is not over, start thinking about how I can generate income with my blog.

And it is important to do it from the beginning to focus on the method and how we are going to carry out the monetization.

If we don’t know how maybe we will go wrong and when we want to monetize we may have done everything wrong.

So let’s start with how I can generate income with my blog.

    • Through advertisements

Such as Adsense, AdBrite, Tabola, etc. The idea is to create unique and attractive content on a topic that generates a lot of traffic, in this way we can reserve spaces for ads and when visitors come to the pages and see the ads, we will earn money for each click they make on any of the ads exposed.

Profits may be good, but it depends on the topic and the volume of advertisers in the niche.

It should also be mentioned that you have to be careful with certain niches, Google does not like some such as sex, weapons, drugs, etc. For more information, see the policies on this topic on Google Adsense.

Niches that pay very well for ads are financials, in this category are all types of insurance, cars, life, health, etc. also forex, banks, to name a few.

Another niche is travel, restaurants if you want to know broadly if the niche you chose can generate income from ads, search for keywords in your niche in Google if you see varied and abundant ads is that there is money! And it can be a good niche.

Something that influences a lot is the region, the ads in the US pay much more than for example in other parts of the world, and it varies a lot with the niches as well.

You will also find that it is more difficult to position your website in a market like the US because of the competition that exists and the volume of websites that there are.

It does not mean that it is impossible but for you to consider it.

    • Affiliate Plans

These plans are also very lucrative, and it consists of you offering products from others in exchange for a sales commission.

Thus, if you sign up for example on Amazon and write about a topic such as a review of a certain product that is sold on Amazon, you place an ad for that product and if it is sold, you will charge a commission.

There are affiliate plans that pay very well even on a recurring basis, this happens for example in memberships, if you affiliate with a service plan such as a course or training service where a monthly fee is charged and the offer stipulates that you will be paid an amount per sale and a percentage or a fixed monthly amount, these are usually the most profitable since you sell once and charge until the user leaves the subscription.

    • Selling your own products and services

You can attract the public through your content to your website, place a shopping cart, and start selling.

    • Allow others to post on your blog

This practice occurs because other websites require links to their sites to be able to rank for a certain keyword.

This can be done when someone is interested in publishing on your site and it is a matter of reaching a deal by sharing.

    • Other forms of monetization will be practically variants of the previous ones.

  1.  What Name to choose for the Blog

Since you have thought and chosen the niche very well here the good begins, how am I going to name my blog?

I will tell you that over the years I have learned that it is best to create a brand, and of course, you can be your own brand, as it happens with famous writers, singers, bloggers, etc.

Now it is not mandatory to put your name on it, you can adopt any other name but always thinking that this is going to be your brand.

So the idea starts with naming your blog and then accompanying it with a slogan.

If you decide to follow this advice of using your name, you should always focus on making your brand grow, that people identify with you, that they recognize you as an expert in the niche you have chosen, the idea is that people recognize you as an authority, in this way, what you say or recommend will be easier for your followers, fans or prospects to acquire those goods or services that you offer.

The Blog will only be a tool that allows you to build your brand.

We will see later that with other tools such as social networks they will also serve to boost your image.

  1. Platform

As I only talk about WordPress here, this is the platform that I am going to recommend to you, and if you want to choose another, go ahead, that is a personal decision.

With WordPress as I explain it here in this article 9 Reasons Why Choose WordPress to Create Your Website, it has many advantages, give it a check when you finish reading this article.

In this article I do not intend to teach how to install WordPress since there are thousands of videos on the internet very well explained, also it all depends on the server where you want to host your website, surely you will not have any problem with that.

My intention is to help you with everything that many do not explain to you beyond the technical part of installing the software.

  1. Which hosting to choose?

This is one of the most important and if you don’t want this to be a problem in the future, read this part carefully.

Why is it important where to host my website?

At the beginning, any website when started does not have traffic, it does not have user visits, this means that it practically does not consume server resources such as processing time or CPU usage, RAM memory usage, bandwidth consumption, etc.

Hosting companies so that users are encouraged to contract a service with them offer free plans, but not all life will be like this unless your website does not generate visits.

When your website begins to generate large visits, your provider will let you know, especially when it begins to affect other users in the case of shared servers.

Now you will have no choice but to pay the plan fee that corresponds to you.

That rate may be very expensive, so check all the rates from the beginning so that you do not fall by surprise.

There are 2 types of hosting services, one in which you contract the service and everything is already installed, the operating system and tools such as the email manager, etc.

This plan is very comfortable but the price is a little high compared to other plans where you only rent the server especially in a semi-dedicated plan and the cost is very economical.

These services are called self-managing because you take care of everything, the server is practically empty.

It has many advantages because you have full control, the disadvantage is that you must know how to install an operating system like Linux and a web server like Nginx in addition to other programs like PHP, etc.

This is not so much a problem, if you take accounts, the server could initially cost you $ 5 dollars a month and the installation can be contracted in Fiverr and some programmers can install everything for $15 dollars and you forget everything for a good time.

It will always be more recommended that you pay for your own hosting and have all the control than depending on other services.

In the end, you have the last word.

These self-managing servers can be found at Digital Ocean or Vultr.

  1. Domain

Choosing a good domain name is very important too, what many experts recommend and I agree with is the following:

    • Make it a short and catchy name

To make it easy to remember, this is basic, to stay in people’s minds.

This will help people remember it well, and it helps a lot for SEO work, which we will see later in another article.

    • Preferably do not use “-” or hyphen

Although the use of the script is allowed and could help you find a good name available, this can be confusing for your users, in addition to lengthening the domain name, most of the people are used to not using it.

    • That it has a .com extension

If you want to cover the whole world, in case you only want to cover a specific region, for example only the United States would not be bad to use .us.

There are many types of TDL (Top Level Domain) this is how extensions are known, such as org, gov, edu, many of them you will not be able to use them unless you prove that your website corresponds to that category.

For many other cases you can use net, tv, or the one that corresponds to your country uk, ca, etc.

In general, it does not affect much in a matter of ranking or SEO is practically the same, but some prefer them because not finding a name available in .com makes this solution very comfortable, it must be taken into account that some extensions are quite expensive, That will depend on you if you want to pay it.

Even if you want a domain name that is not being exploited but is not available, you might have to pay many thousands of dollars to buy that domain name, make your capable offer that in the end is a bargain.

I recommend that you use your name or play with your initials, even if you have a nickname, in short, creativity has no limits.

If you want to buy a domain I recommend NameCheap is where I always buy my domains are at a very good price.

    • If the domain you chose is not available

You can create some variation with a prefix or suffix, there are some that have been in fashion such as putting a letter e before or ending by putting fy, like Shopify or Spotify, there are many others.

Remember that the name does not necessarily have to mean anything, like Facebook, it is simply giving it a short and sticky name.

  1. Plugins

First of all, what is a plugin?

Plugins are programs that perform a very specific function within WordPress, they can be as complex as Woocommerce, which is a program that has the ability to manage the sale of products, incorporating functions such as adding to the shopping cart, payment with credit cards or Paypal among other forms of payment, and it performs many functions so that you have a very complete online store.

There are other simpler plugins, but that in the same way incorporate different functions that can be configured independently, these can be free or paid, in another article we will see which are the plugins that I recommend to use.

  1. Basic configuration

Once you have installed WordPress you will have to fill in some basic information such as the name of the site, a subtitle, or slogan that is not forced but is recommended to accompany the identity of your brand.

I recommend that you look at some WordPress tutorials so that you become more familiar, here you can also find some useful tips to configure WordPress and that it does not cost you much work, it really is very easy, it is just a matter of taking a little practice.

  1. Themes

One of the things I like the most about WordPress is that you can change the facade to tell it in some way, these facades are called Themes.

There are many themes to choose from, some themes are fixed and others can be parameterized, this means that you can vary some parameters and thereby change the view of your website or blog.

As there is a lot to talk about this matter, I will dedicate a particular publication about it.

  1. Contents

There is a phrase, that if you just start in this matter of the websites you will read or listen very often that says like this: “Content is king” I do not know who is the author of this phrase but it is very true.

And it has to do with the fact that the most important thing will always be the content, it does not matter if we talk about texts, articles, audios or videos, the format is the least important thing, what really matters is what you are trying to teach or broadcast to your audience.

The characteristics of this content are that it has to be unique, relevant, and interesting.

If for example, you create your blog and lazily you go to other websites and copy the content and paste it into yours, it will not help you at all, to begin with, Google will immediately realize, not seeing any added value simply he is going to pass it off as very good it is.

And it does not matter that the content is not good if you are not the original author of it.

Google and other search engines what they want, is fresh and interesting content to offer it to their public, certainly, they profit from your effort but this is how it works and if you do not bring anything new and of value, because they are not interested either, also you The public is not going to value what you have to offer either.

So try to write interesting and unique things about your niche so that little by little you begin to position yourself in the search engines and attract more and more traffic.

  1. Marketing

If you don’t have enough traffic at first, that’s fine, that’s how it starts, and it will take time for more and more people to reach your website.

So do not despair, this is not fast but good results are given if you do it right.

If you already have some content and you already have a product to offer or simply to make yourself known, marketing campaigns can be carried out on social networks, so that you initially increase the number of fans and followers.

Later we will discuss strategies that will allow you to attract a lot of qualified traffic to your website so that you increase your sales if you have any product to offer.


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