About Us

This website was created to help others who use WordPress or who are just going to create a website so that they don’t suffer and their experience is as good as possible.

I have always liked programming at least to do projects for myself.

But who am I?

My name is Guillermo García and I have known WordPress since version 2.3 or something like that, it has been around for more than 10 years, and I started using it because a provider that was wrong with a project made me believe that he was going to develop a blog, but I did not think that he would use a ready-made program, I had no problem with that, only that the price was as if he had invented WordPress.

Anyway, I discovered it due to circumstances of destiny, and when I started studying it, I realized that it has a lot of potentials.

Today there are millions of websites developed with this system, so I was not so wrong.

I have created many websites, I don’t consider myself very good in web design but I don’t care very much, what interests me most is that a website is successful and there are many websites around the world that are not beautiful but are very functional.

Another advantage that I saw in WordPress was how easy it was to create a website from scratch, I got to create basic websites in one day, with several pages, images, their contact form and ready to receive traffic, and I would continue to do it, only it is not the idea that I plan to do.

I have created many websites and in many, I have always had a little problem, which was resolved by finding the right theme or plugin.

So I have created travel websites, classifieds, online stores, insurance, health, and many other topics.

And the idea of this site is to teach and show that almost every type of website can be done with WordPress.

Also, teach anyone who wants to learn how to monetize their website, this is something that many want to know but don’t know how to start, on this website I hope you find a way how to do it easily.

It is true that there are details that many argue that WordPress is slow, that it was created to make blog sites, but there are solutions for everything.

In programming the same problem can be solved in many ways, there will be some that with just one but with WordPress I have not found something that can’t be done.

If there is a problem with WordPress there will always be a plugin to solve it, or else it is an open platform so that if you know to program you can solve it yourself, and if not, there are thousands of programmers in the world who know how to do it.

Certainly, the ideal would be a website with pure HTML code, but it would take a long time to develop and it would be very expensive, it is not very practical to maintain a site developed in that way.

As I said there will always be how to solve this and other types of problems that may arise and in this space, I hope I can help you know how to give it a practical solution.

I wish you a pleasant experience with WordPress and you are welcome whenever you need help.