9 Reasons Why Choose WordPress to Create Your Website

If you are barely interested in using WordPress and you do not know if it is a reliable platform, I will give you some information so you can convince yourself that it is the best option.

There are many reasons why I can recommend you to use WordPress, these are just some and perhaps not the most important, each person has their priorities and needs, which for me may be important for others, maybe not, hopefully, you will find in this article the information you need to make a good decision.

  1. Maybe it is not the most important but it is Free!

We all like free things, don’t you?

You can say there are many platforms for me to have my website and they are also free.

And you are correct, but there is a lot of difference in the services you are provided and it is where you have to pay close attention.

We will always need web hosting to host our website, we cannot have it on our computer.

We also need to put a name on it, so we need to buy a domain.

What is usually offered on many platforms are the 3 things and they tell you that it is free, the trick, because there is always some detail is you have to accept something in return.

There are different ways they offer you this type of service and offering you the service for free is a hook for you to stay with them permanently.

These small details can range from accepting advertising, either a banner of the same brand, or third-party advertisements.

If you wanted to remove those annoying ads then you will have to pay a fee.

Other providers are more patient and are willing to wait for you to succeed before you can start charging.

When we start in these Internet businesses our website will not receive visits, so for the provider, it does not represent any problem, it is having a site that does not consume Internet bandwidth and does not consume resources such as RAM and CPU.

When your site starts to get traffic is when the problems start, you realize that your website is hosted on a server along with other accounts of other clients, this mode is called shared hosting.

When your website or the others begin to consume resources due to the traffic that arrives at them, it begins to slow down, to fall down, that is, it is suspended for some periods of time.

At that time the provider calls your attention and sends you emails or suspends the service.

It tells you that your site is consuming a lot of server resources and that it is no longer possible for you to be in the free service.

Now you are between a rock and a hard place because it grabs you at a time when your site needs to be active again, maybe you are losing sales, your business is affected.

You don’t have time to analyze what you have to do and you feel compelled to accept the conditions and start paying.

If you already knew that this could happen, and you agreed to be in that condition, that’s fine, but the provider will never tell you.

It may happen that the cost of the new plan does not suit you, but what do you do, you have to put up with it because it grabs you with the urgency of fix your website.

So what was free will never be free again.

Another unpleasant thing that I have had to see in some other people is that if they want to get out of that service, it is a total calamity.

On the one hand, do you remember that I told you that they give you the domain included?

Maybe you could have bought it somewhere else but it was easy for you to accept the conditions, after all, it’s free, right?

What happens then, that the provider is not going to let you go that easy, and you could say, that they keep the domain, but if it is the name of your brand? you are in severe trouble.

Often it is arranged by the good ones, but it considers at least to be owner from the beginning of your domain.

If it is free hosting and they let you put a name that will not have a problem registering it because it is available, it is most likely that it is of the type like those of Blogspot

The problem is that this domain name, most likely, is not available when you decide to go from there.

Another problem with that domain structure is that it doesn’t look serious, what are your customers going to think? that you can’t afford a decent website?

In conclusion, choose an inexpensive hosting and install WordPress, you will avoid many problems, WordPress can be migrated entirely to anywhere it is as if you moved with everything and home.

  1. WordPress is very versatile

For those who criticize WordPress IMHO don’t know what they say when they refer to it as a system for blogging.

This is certainly how it became known, and it might be the best in that category, but its internal structure allows it to adapt to different solutions or applications.

For example, real estate systems can be developed, that you can classify properties, document them, make a search engine for properties, there are even solutions that are marketed this way so that you just put the name of your company.

Another solution is an online store, installing Woocommerce you can develop a store as robust as you need it, it does not ask for anything from Shopify and other solutions on the market.

For online stores you don’t have to look for it much, Woocommerce is the solution, period!

Although the solution is WordPress for almost everything or for everything, I do not know of any type of website that cannot be done with WordPress, if someone knows that they are so kind to enlighten me.

For other types of websites, there may be several plugins and it is a matter of reviewing which is the one that best suits your needs.

But what most people use a website for is to give presence to their brand or company.

In this regard, it seems to me that it has more to do with the creativity of the designer than any deficiency that WordPress may have.

  1. WordPress is easy to use

Yes, it is easy to use and I am not endowed with it, but I have used many such as Magento, Wix, Joomla, and I can assure that WordPress beats them all.

Certainly, many users when they learn one tool and learn to use it well and master it, it is difficult for them to tell them about another and they accept to change.

It is natural, but there are times that you can not deny it, it may be that other tools are more robust in other things, perhaps security, more secure information management, etc.

But for everyday web pages, WordPress is an excellent option.

There are many tutorials on the Internet, as here you can also find many that can help you learn how to create your websites easily and without going through long periods of study to master it.

  1. Google loves it

Something that is very important is that if you must be well with someone, at least for now and many more years to come, it is Google.
Google, even if we do not like it, is the owner of the ball, you know what I mean, but it is also the owner of the stadium, and also the referee, so there is nothing more to align with its policies, and its requirements.

And in this aspect WordPress is a very friendly system that will allow you to comply, if not all, at least most of the requirements so that you can position your website well in the search engines.

And not all the blame should be put on the systems if things don’t work well, we ourselves are responsible for the system being in an environment that allows it to work well and by that, I mean hosting, a well-configured server, It can save you a lot of headaches, WordPress is highly criticized, because for some it consumes many resources, but the reality is that we always pay for something, you want to develop fast, efficient, well everything has a price if you get a good server and you also get who configures it well for Linux and preferably Nginx I can assure you that you will not have any performance problems.

  1. You are in control of your website

By this, we mean that you only depend on what you want to add or remove to your website, that if you want to make a change you enter and remove or change what you need.

You decide if you hire a designer or a programmer, you cannot be a male orchestra, many times we have to delegate tasks.

But for perhaps insignificant changes you can do it in a very simple way.

  1. You decide on the configuration of your website

If you have complete knowledge of the scope that you can achieve with your website, you can from the beginning choose a configuration in which you can have a unique theme or be an exclusive design for you, or if you don’t mind you can choose one of the thousands that exist in theme library.

Everything you want to do in terms of the appearance of your website is completely modifiable, even what you don’t see that corresponds to the behavior of certain programs that are executed to fulfill certain specific tasks.

In this way, you have full control, something that is often not possible.

  1. You have thousands of applications to add to your website

We will always require some additional functionality that we want to add to the site, a contact form, one made to our needs, add a shopping cart, and everything that this implies, a payment gateway to accept credit cards, a calendar to make appointments.

All these and countless other applications, there was already someone who needed them and someone who programmed and encapsulated them in plugins that are available in a library, you just have to search for it and install it, sometimes they will require certain configurations to behave exactly as you need it, that’s part of the power WordPress has.

Of course, not everything is free, there will be certain applications that their authors require remuneration but it really is worth it.
This is much cheaper and more instantaneous than paying a developer to develop in addition to the time it would take to develop and all the time saved in functionality tests.

  1. It is scalable

You can start with a goal in mind and grow over time, adding more functionality or pages to the website.

What I mean is that it is not a rigid system, in which the scope is already established and that you cannot do anything else in it.

At any time you can incorporate a virtual store, for your business, without having to make great economic efforts.

  1. Add collaborators, Multiuser envroment

At any time you can add staff to help you, if you need, you can restrict access, create a private environment for exclusive clients, the possibilities are endless.

Unquestionably, in tastes genres are broken, WordPress is not a shiny gold coin to be liked by everyone, some will suffer and hate it all their lives, but it is like everything when you do not learn something to use it well and you are frustrated you hate it, that happens, don’t you like math? Do you hate them You probably didn’t learn them well from the beginning, you didn’t practice enough and you gave up.

You hate something else, think about it.

Meanwhile, those of us who love WordPress for its practicality will continue to thank everyone who has made it possible, hoping that everything will be better every time.

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